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Which Model Gives The Best Throat Hit (With Zero Nicotine Juices)


As I know zero nicotine vapers have a problems with throat hit.
For example I never got throat hit with my DSE901.
I've tried add strong menthol concentrat, use manual battery, add lemon juice, add vodka with pepper, etc...

Now I looking for a new device model. I don't like my DSE901.
I heard high voltage devices like Prodigy mod give a good throat hit with zero nicotine, but I don't sure about high voltage... It's afraid me a little.

One of my friend said he have m401, joye510 and dse801. And with nicotine strong throat hit give a joye510, but with zero nicotine 510 do not works at all and dse801 give a normal throat hit (with manual battery).

None nicotine vapers, please advice me which model I must buy now!

I think about Janty stick (Joye stick) and newest mods like Janty baby g, Ego (The Spade 510 Ecig) or something new and strong...

If standart voltage PV's can't give a good throat hit I perhaps should thinking about high voltage mods like Prodigy and X-haller.

But I have a big interest in your experience with different PV's models with zero nicote juices only.

P.S. Only 0 mg nicotine juices

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