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do you forget how good a new atty is?

ive had my 510 for about 3 months and used 3 attys in rotation, i was getting more and more frustrated with the vapour production so decided to boil them, i killed one, it came out really feeble, the other 2 where still not cutting it ,so i bought a 5 pack from tw, got them today, fitted a new one,,,and,,,wow,,,bliss again,,,i think im just going to treat attys as a throw away item from now on, buy them in bulk and they cost less than £5 each, if i use one for 2 weeks and then bin it, its still not worth the hassell of trying to maintain them. Ive got carried away with all the talk on here of how to clean/blow out/maintain attys,,from now on im just going to use them and bin them.

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