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Idea for automatics, compartmentalize switch or move it to the atty.

I don't know what happened to the idea and suggestions forum for e-cigs so i'll just post this in general.

A brilliant idea hit me. Dripper have issues with liquid dripping down into their batteries and hitting the switch. This has made atleast 2/3 of my witches sticky. I have to blow in before I can draw. Extremley annoying.

It would seem that a sollution to have cheaper universal batteries, would be to do one of two things, both of which would seal the actual battery from liquid.

1. Move switch into atomizer. Vent the switch itself, instead of having an airpath through the battery. Essentially convert the battery into a manual battery. Or...

Or 2. Make e-cigs 4 piece. Battery, switch, atomizer, cartridge. Again, converting the battery into a manual battery.

Another posibility that this would bring to automatics, and manuals, is variable draw. You could possibly create different switches with different draws.

It seems like a colossal waste to build a switch into each and every battery, when you could make them a seperate part, charge for them. E-cig users and manufacturers win. Manufacturers can get rid of one complex part of the battery that often creates returns on perfectly decent batteries, AND make a liquid leak past the atomizer much less costly for all involved.

Edit: Found out that my idea has been executed in the kissbox. Why isn't this more common?!


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