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So how does it feel to be outcasted by even smokers!!!

I thought i would do a followup thread about what i learned the past week.
I did a thread about how many vapers you have actually seen around you. You know, our small little community...
Well i just got it through my head and am facing the facts that even the smokers that i know don't want me to vape with them or around them... ha, funny but true.. I smoked for maybe 30+ years and when i found vaping i said i would never treat the smokers like the way non smokers treated me. Well since Vaping i am still not liked by non-smokers, and now not appreciated by smokers. They basically feel like i turn coat on them.. You know joined the other side. I didn't join the other side, i started a new side. The bass player in my band said either you smoke a cigarette or you don't. Anyway the point is, We are breaking ground here and i myself will vape for life.. It's fun, tasty and makes me happy.. oh well. Welcome to Vaping USA....

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