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Something to consider if u buy 510

I got a 510 and jumped on the bandwagon. But i see some serious flaws with it. If u top off ur cart, take a drag from the 510 U will get an overpowering throat hit. That much is true, But that is because I find the atomizer just burns off all the liquid real fast. U get a big throat hit after the first few vapes. Than it basically burns all the juice away real fast. I feel like u will go thru juice real fast. I think if u dont want to constantly fill up carts all the time, maybe the 510 is not the best choice overall. I think sometimes people get too carried away with one aspect of e-smoking. Like vapor and throat hit, And dont include consistency. I rather get a milder throat hit, but more consistant and not have to refill cartridges every 2 minutes.


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