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E-cig article asking for comments-Washington Post

The Checkup - Is That Right? E-cigarettes are "the healthier alternative to smoking"?


What's your opinion of e-cigarettes? Have you tried them? Do they seem safe to you?
I am sure we can all help this reporter out with our success stories!

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One comment for “E-cig article asking for comments-Washington Post”

  1. well yes.. relatively safe compared to regular smokes…. but not saying they are safe in general… i saw some decent ones here.


    the cigana cigs are really helpful because it comes with usb device too.. you get the nicotine to get over cravings but you also get to inhal something thats liek a cig, obviously it wil keep you addicted but it might be a healthy solution until you find a good way to quit permanently.. some other ones that are popular are the smokestiks


    Posted by evil smokestik | December 6, 2009, 12:04 pm

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