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Has anyone else seen these reports or tried to search like this?

I was doing some research today, and decided the best way to get information on the ingredients of eliquid was to disassociate "e-cigarettes" from the searches to get unbiased reviews.

I just did a simple: 'filetype[colon]pdf propylene glycol'search in google (thought process was that PDFs would more likely be studies than advertisements or news stories). The results had two interesting reports.

One was titled "NTP-CERHR Monograph on the Potential Human Reproductive and Developmental Effects of Propylene Glycol" and had very good results on the safe nature of PG.

The other was "Ethylene Glycol and Propylene Glycol: Health Information Summary" from 2006 which also looked like promising news on PG.

I hope this isn't a repeat (I did search the forum to see if these reports were already on here and didn't find them), but wanted to mainly suggest doing homework and getting better results by researching ingredients apart from eliquid and also say that I found doing the filetype[colon]pdf function of google returns more reports than biased reports/news stories (for either side).

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