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odd problems with 905…

so i just got it on a trade and first thing is the inside of the unit has a smell i cant figure out, it smells sort of like burnt rubber more like a chemical though, my fiancee says its like bleach but not, anyway that is a problem because if anyone knows how the 905 or even a 901 works there is a hole in the atty facing the battery unit and as well a hole in the battery unit facing the atty, so when i puff i taste the smell in my mouth, not so pleasant...and then secondly if u know how the 905 works theres an on/off on the end and a push button in the middle to puff, but when i plug in the battery and push the on/off button it activates the atty, rather then the middle button activating the atty, not that its a big deal its just weird, and id like it to be the way its suppose to be, anyone have any ideas how to fix either of these issues?

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