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I was going to post in the 'Law' forum but the post developed into something much more sinister and disturbing.

Here's the rub regarding health cost in purely financial terms for the UK.

Smoking related diseases/illnesses cost our National Health Service 5 billion GB Pounds a year.
Taxes earned from tobacco products stand at 17 billion GBP a year.
This means smokers contribute 12 billion GBP a year to the overall annual budget of 100 billion GBP, around 12%.
Expenditure on NHS Stop Smoking Services was almost £61 million in 2007/08.
Now the bells should be ringing, 12 billion in taxes but only 61 million
put back into helping the very people who made that contribution?!!
That is a shameful 0.5%.

However, if the NHS Stop Smoking Service is such a wonderful success than I suppose we should be grateful.
Ah, that word IF, such a fly in the ointment!

Statistics for NHS Stop Smoking Services April 2007 to March 2008

The report is copyrighted so you will have to follow the link to see it.
It's not too long but it is a damning indictment of the lip service being
paid by the NHS to smokers looking for help.
As a taxpayer and ex-smoker I am calling them on out on their figures.
In the summary for the report by the NHS:
They claim that 680,289 people set a quit date through the NHS Stop
Smoking Services, an increase of 13 per cent since 2006/07 and that
at the four week follow-up 350,800 people had successfully quit (based on
self-report), 52 per cent of those setting a quit date.

A client is counted as having successfully quit smoking at the 4 week
follow-up if he/she has not smoked at all since two weeks after the quit

Whooooaaaaa there fellah!!!!! TWO WEEKS? TWO SHORT WEEKS?!!!!!
Let's have some figures for 12 months after the quit date, not 2 weeks,
well done now bugger off and let us get on with writing our glowing report!
I might only have anecdotal evidence that a huge percentage of those
'successful quitters' return to smoking within one year, but it's a damn sight
more than no evidence!!

I think it is time I wrote to both my MP and the Health Minister about this
disgraceful neglect of long term sufferers.
It is little wonder that the NHS try to pohpooh away the concept of
Electronic Cigarettes as it might just rock their boat.

Now we know where they stand we can raise the bar to our level of
acceptability and make them jump accordingly.
12% contribution to the NHS for a 0.5% return, that's the bottom line.


via: E-Cigarette Forum