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Which Mod for me?

I have been Vaping now for about 9 months. My first ecig (joye306 white one orange led) looked very close to a cig. I needed that visual stimulation to help me quit analogs. My current ecig is a matte black Joye510 that I use different led colors with. I DIY liquid, so with VG amount I can control the "smoke/vapor". I really like the smaller ecigs as they are so portable as I am outside doing things a lot. Like mowing, pruning, yaddah yaddah yaddah. I just pop my 510 in my little hand sanitizer sprayer pop it in my shirt pocket and I'm off. Oh and of course I have the 510 PCC, as there is no way around getting by with out one.

So... I want more battery life.... so...

I have never owned a mod or even seen one in person. Pictures really can not define size or weight.

I would like to get opinions from users about what mod would be best for an active person that does a lot of outside yard work. One type mod is out. The Box mod. I'm sorry it is a great little gizmo someone came up with but to me it is just ugly as all get out and I have zero interest in vaping a box. LOL!

So I am looking for:

Good battery life
Stylish looks
Very portable, able to fit in a shirt front pocket
Holds the flavor of the juice well
Does not cost an arm and a leg (i only have two of each and need them all)
Comes with everything needed as I have no batts and chargers for any of those things
I do have Joye 510 stuff though.


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