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Least irritating e-liquid

I've been vaping for a while, but always ordered from the same 2 suppliers....not a creature of habit, just busy. I've been wanting to experiement and try to find something less irritating. I've been using PG based, and JC reduced PG, which is still 2/3 PG I think. I suspect, or hope, that a 50:50 PG:VG blend would be less irritating. Irritation must be a universal problem since JC came out w/ reduced PG by popular demand. So, does anyone have suggestions? How about a 25% PG blended with 75% VG, or for that matter what's wrong with a 100% VG juice? Has anyone tried unflavored juice? I have heard that nicotine alone tastes pretty bad. There are companies, of course, who will blend what you want....just seeing if anyone has experience or thoughts regarding what the least irritating would be. Thanks.

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