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New Burnt taste, atty not dry?

Posted By ESM Daemon On December 6, 2009 @ 4:19 pm In Asides, Opinion | 1 Comment

Been using a spring + blue foam mod on all my carts lately, and they vape like a dream. Been getting awesome vapor and can vape a cart down to the last drop before I get that dry atty taste.

But just now, while vaping Strawberry + Chocolate (which I've used before with no problem) I suddenly started getting a really disgusting, sickly sweet burnt taste. This is NOT the taste of a dry atty, it tastes almost like the strawberry juice is being burnt rather than vaporized. I figured maybe the blue foam had gotten stuck to the atomizer and burnt, but there's no signs of damage to the foam, and it was still soaking wet. The atomizer is still producing tons of vapor (been at it a week, the other atomizer I got with my 510 starter kit was basically doa, takes 3 puffs before it even gets hot enough to produce any significant vapor, and it draws way too easy, too much airflow).

Any ideas what caused this sickly sweet, burnt taste? It's not a dry atty - if that's your answer (as it seems the answer is in every other thread about burnt taste) don't bother, because that's not it. A fiber of blue foam stuck to atomizer and burning? Juice burning somehow? (I don't have anything but a bum atty to compare it to, but the atomizer that now has this burnt taste always seemed to burn awfully hot and really kill the flavor of the juice quite a bit, but this may be normal)

Any info/suggestions are welcome (except for "dry atty" claims :D). Trying to clean the atty in Crest Pro Health mouthwash at the moment, as hot water did nothing to remove the taste/smell. If the mouthwash doesn't remove it I'll junk the atty, cuz there's no way in hell I can use it as is.


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