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White “Plastic” Forming on Bottom of Cart Filler, What IS This S***???

Often when I take out the poly from my cart, on the bottom is a hard bright white plastic looking substance. I look because I am tasting some sort of nasty taste which differs from the usual equipment/juice problem taste. I replace the filler and then it tastes fine.

Tonight I ran across this post in a review on a sellers site:

One more rather wierd thing is that I have taken the cartridges out to squeeze for juice and I found this really strange white patch of something at the bottom of the wool. I have attached a picture of it so you guys can have a look. Its not paper. Feels more like latex. Hopefully its nothing harmful.

I saw no pic but it sounds exactly like what I have been finding. I want to know if anyone else is seeing this white stuff on the bottom of their filler material in their carts. I have a 901 and just use the black tipped carts with the poly fill they come with. I have bought juices from at least 6 sellers so its impossible for me to narrow it down to one juice. The flavors I buy are all compatible; I don't use different carts or attys for different juices.

Any ideas on how to figure out what this stuff is and if it might not be a good thing would be most appreciated.

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