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3rd Week Vaporizing … Analog Free … Experience Report

Hello everyone,

I'm on my 3rd week vaporizing / analog free. You can check out my first 11 days here: http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/for...ce-report.html

I just thought I'd drop a quick post to share my experiences with newbs like me and anyone else that might find these kind of posts interesting.

Please share your thoughts so that we can all learn from each other.

First off... wow what a great feeling it is to know that I quit smoking. I smoked a lot and for a long time and I really didn't think I'd ever quit. Vaping really isn't like quitting because it's like switching to a different kind. It's almost like I'm cheating the quit - BUT - it's not smoking so it's not cheating the quit. :p

What I've learned so far...

We have 510s and the atomizers last longer that I thought they would. I still haven't had one die. Before I started I assumed I'd have a dead or clogged atty within the first week but so far all of my atomizers that are in use are still working and have never been cleaned.

I just picked up some crest pro health to try but it's just been sitting there because I'm not sure that I really need to clean these atomizers yet since they still produce vapor nicely.

We have plenty of backup batteries for our 510s and as long as we switch batteries whenever the chargers go green we never drain one completely.

Same goes for the pcc when I'm out in public... as long as I rotate the in use batteries with the charged battery as soon as the charge completes I know that I'm not going to run one out completely.

Part of this might be using multiple 510s at all times... less drain on each one.

I started using the double folded loosely rolled frayed lipton pyramid tea bag mod (rho ptb mod) on day 2 of vaporizing and I'm still using it. I've also tried straw/poly and blue foam... I still think the ptb mods taste the best and wick the best.

The poly that came in my 510 carts didn't wick long enough without a top up and when the stray hairs burn it tastes gross 8-o

Blue foam also had a taste... not quite like dry atomizer and not quite like burnt poly.. weaker that that but still... to me it had a taste. I might have another go at it in the future if eclypse's search ever ends :p

I love the vapor production that dripping provides... I tried dripping during my 2nd week and was impressed. I am a little bit lazy about popping the empty cart on and off to drip so I always end up going back to cartridges. Which brings me to...

Direct Drip Cart Mod...
I've been using the DDC mod for a few hours each day and I really like it (http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/for...t-mod-ddc.html). The pen i massacred was a pilot G2... works perfect.

I will drip with the DDC mod any time I'm chilling out and my hands are free to drip. Eventually I get lazy and pop a cart on but while I drip I really enjoy it.

During week two we started DIYing our liquid. We have made some pretty good juices and we've also made some pretty bad ones.

Loranns flavors go a long way so we found out quick that it's easy to use too much flavoring. When mixing if you start with a few drops, test and the add more if needed you won't waste your unflavored nic juice on flavors that are too strong to vape without diluting.

I've also found that some flavors "stick" in the atomizer longer than others... I did cheesecake all night one night and it took a couple of days before I didn't taste it's leftovers in that atomizer... even when blowing it out and letting it sit over night.

All of the commercial juice I've purchased so far has been good... to me 555 gets old pretty fast to me but when it's good it's good... nutty... ry4 and marboro are easy to vape... cignot's english toffee is yummy. Strawberry is ok for a little while... menthol is more like mint than menthol (haven't tried the crystals yet).

With DIY flavors I really like loranns english toffee, butterscotch, watermellon, raspberry, apple mixed with cinnamon roll, vanilla butternut and a few others. Chocolate is interesting... keoke coffee is interesting. Peanut butter is too strong. Butter rum is nice but gets old fast for me. Cheesecake should be called cheese danish filling. I haven't tried all of the flavors that we purchased yet so I'll post my complete thoughts to the DIY section another time.

I have some capellas on the way... I've read good things... looking forward to that.

Battery mods...
This week I build my first mods. One is a regular 3.7v mod and the other (I just finished it today) is 5v. This is awesome... no changing batteries and a very consistent vapor. Coolness :cool:

I build guitar fx so naturally modding looked fun to me... it is. You can see my mods here: http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/for...st-2-mods.html

In general the mod batteries seem to provide a more consistent vapor than stock 510 batteries as far as I can tell.

The 5v mod isn't a huge difference from the 3.7. I can tell a difference in vapor production and it seems to go through dripped drops faster but it's not like a whole other world or anything... I think that's because either way it's a more stable voltage/current than with the standard batteries so they are both great comparatively.

I'll try 6v soon... it's the obvious next step lol

Gear cases...
I bought one of those case logic cases that everyone likes... it's great. For me it holds six 3ml juices, a spare atty, spare batteries, a paper clip, half of a folded up paper towel and 3 empty carts. When I go out I carry the case logic case, 3 510s and a PCC with nothing in it but a charging battery. Definitely go for the case logic jds6 if you're looking for something to carry with you. You can see mine in the photo of my mods (scroll up for link).


Wow... that was supposed to be a quick post... :confused:

Anyway... thanks to everyone that posts... I wouldn't have know how to do any of this stuff without you all.

Please share your thoughts so that we can learn from each other and so that future readers can learn from us :)

Warm regards, Chris Brown

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