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Did any of these people ask you????

Posted By ESM Daemon On December 7, 2009 @ 2:13 am In Asides, Opinion | No Comments

Was just going through some of the info I've compiled and decided to re-read the WebMD article covering the FDA's July 22nd announcement. After having spent a considerable amount of time now reading posts from the nearly 25,000 members on this forum I was especially interested in the comments from the FDA's support group.

Specifically this part:
(Source: FDA: E-Cigarettes Bad, but Not Banned [1])

"The FDA news conference also featured experts who issued strong warnings against e-cigarettes.

Jonathan Winickoff, MD, chairman of the American Academy of Pediatrics Tobacco Consortium, warned that the products seem "tailor-made to appeal to kids." He said the devices could addict kids to nicotine and turn them into smokers.

Matthew McKenna, MD, director, of the CDC's Office of Smoking and Health, noted that e-cigarettes can be used in smoke-free environments and thus weaken the health benefits of antismoking efforts.

Jonathan Samet, MD, director of the Institute for Global Health at the University of Southern California, warned that e-cigarettes are nothing like FDA-approved nicotine-delivery devices shown to help people quit smoking [2]. He noted that e-cigarettes have no proven benefits but very clear risks.

....Michael Eriksen, ScD, director of the institute of public health at Atlanta's Georgia State University and former director of CDC's office of smoking and health. "I have seen no evidence that people switch from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarettes or other smokeless tobacco products," Eriksen recently told WebMD."

I realize not all of the (nearly) 25,000 people who created a membership to this site are actually vapers, however a large percentage actually are. So I'm curious.......

Has ANYONE actually been contacted by the FDA, or any of these groups, and interviewed about their experience with e-cigs or been asked to participate in a study IN ANY WAY?????

With little effort I think any one of these physicians/organizations could have put their 19 year old file clerk on the case and come up with literally hundreds, if not thousands, of testimonials regarding each respective topic.

For Mr. Winickof: How many posts here are there in which people have stated they now vape flavors as a way to distance themselves from their old nasty tasting habit? (Many who would have never considered flavored tobacco...This would include me!) How many would argue the topic ludicrous simply because people like flavor regardless of age? How many would bring up the topic of flavored alcohol and caffeine products? How many would argue that PV's belong neither in malls nor pharmacies but rather where adult products such as tobacco and liquor are sold?

For Mr. Mckenna: How many would like to point out that the more public a solution, that has been adopted by actual smokers, is made the more successful it will be to the general population? How many would like to point out that the current support-lines and cessation products have pathetic success rates? How many of us would tell Mr. Mckenna that if anti-smoking organizations supported businesses that wish to be 'vape-friendly' it may inspire millions of tobacco users to try something new simply for that reason alone. Those people may actually find that they "accidentally" quit tobacco as so many here have said they did! How many would point out that if this attitude were adopted, promoted and combined with a lack of over-taxation they would likely see an ENORMOUS decrease in tobacco use in this country?

For Mr. Samet: How many would like to ask why he's willing to say "no proven benefit" to the general public and give a negative public impression so inaccurate as to border on deceitful simply because he hasn't put a few hundred of us under a microscope yet? How many of us would like to ask Mr. Samet how those "clear risks" compare to the risks associated with tobacco use? How many would like to tell him how correct he is that PV's are "nothing like current nicotine-delivery devices" because PV's actually work?

For Mr. Eriksen (who was apparantly not present but interviewed by WebMD): How many of us would simply like to smack this guy and ask the CDC how they made a man director of their office of smoking and health who is apparently illiterate? If Mr. Eriksen hasn't "seen evidence" it's obviously because he wasn't looking for any!

You have to wonder if these people are simply the herd of sheep that follows the FDA around or if they have friends in special-interest places! Seems to me these people either need to come up with some hard scientific evidence showing PV's/e-liquid are worse than cigarettes or admit that they are the type of people who think the constitution is just a really old piece of paper and that the citizens of this country need to be protected from themselves! Even if at the expense of their own freedom!

Perhaps it needs to be pointed out that before our officials enlist support and shoot their mouths off they should understand that this is what a scientific report looks like:
http://www.healthnz.co.nz/RuyanCartr...t30-Oct-08.pdf [3] (23 pages of quantitative data and comparison) And incidentally since Ruyan funded an independent health agency doesn't this count as a manufacturer having conducted independent research? Or is the FDA trying to nitpic and claim it has to be a US research firm specifically contracted by SE or Njoye?

This is NOT a scientific report (or at least an extremely incomplete one):
http://www.fda.gov/downloads/Drugs/S.../UCM173250.pdf [4] (8 pages with little to no quantitative data and no comparisons.) The only quantitative data I see applies to the nic levels which leads me to yet a few more questions.

How many of you smoked the EXACT same number of cigarettes per day? How many of you ever puffed off a cigarette and got a taste of mouth numbing liquid? For however many years you smoked would you not assume you had varying levels of nicotine virtually every day? If you manage to cut your vaping nic level down to zero after years of smoking are you going to care if your zero nic liquid still has traces of nicotine in it?

Just another rant by Canute!
Happy Vaping All!

via: E-Cigarette Forum [5]

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