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Just got my AdapteveR! Can you use Cartomizers?

Just got it about 2 hours ago. WOW! Build quality and looks are AWESOME!!! So far the best looking piece i have owned.

Vaping at 6 volt and 3.? volts is awesome! I have a 801 adapter i have been using and will be truing the 510 tonight.

I was wondering, Can you use cartomizers ( the cart and attys that are built together ) with the AdapteveR if i were to order a 901 adapter? I am curious to try them out with this.

So far so good!!! I cannot put this thing down...lol.... I own a Prodigy and DID own a SB but sold off the SB ( still own the Prodigy as it is being repaired as we speak )

I will do a full review later in the week but was curious about the cartomizers with it. thanks!

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