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Just got my KR808 today

This is really what so many people have raved about? It sucks air... literally. Hardly any vapor, hardly any taste, little more than air.

I've tried the Kamel and the dark blue cartomizer that they threw in with the starter kit. The Kamel tastes horrible so I took it off after a few puffs. The blue one has a tiny bit of flavor, not enough to tell what it's supposed to taste like since it tastes like air. Absolutely no throat hit.

My Protege isn't doing how it was when I first got it a couple of weeks ago. The batteries are fully charged, charge them overnight. I ordered 5 more 510 atomizers because the 3 I have don't seem to be working well. I received those today too and was so looking forward to a good vape but there's no improvement.

I'm out of Johnson Creek Tennessee Cured so I'm trying the V4L juice I got recently, which aren't doing it for me either. I've cleaned all the carts and filler and done fresh ones.

I'm ready to chuck the whole thing and try to deal with just quitting smoking and I really want a smoke! I don't want to be a whinner, I just want them to work. :(

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  1. Can’t believe you don’t like the 808. You MUST be doing something wrong. Mine produces thick clouds of vapor, even on old carts that didn’t produce much in the first place. Read everything again and redo. Try the “cool” carts. Or maybe you just got some bad batts or charger or something. If that doesn’t work, get a 901 att, it will fitt your 808 batts, and try dripping…

    Posted by pse001 | December 22, 2009, 9:19 am

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