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Re 510 carts. Anyone here with plastics-fabrication experience?

Are there any people in this forum with experience in plastics fabricating? If so, I would appreciate hearing from you, as I'd like to discuss whether an idea I had pertaining to 510s is feasible:

I've been happy with 510 atomizers since I first started using them. I have avoided the typically poor battery life by getting both a battery mod and some 510 "mega-batteries." 510 "stock" battery life is a problem for someone who uses an e-cig quite often during the day -- but it's an easily solved problem.

The small size of the cartridges -- another matter.

I would like to find out how feasible it would be to fabricate larger cartridges to fit the 510. I have no interest in trying to make money doing such a thing -- I don't have the time or the investment capital (or the business smarts, for that matter). I'd just like to find out if it might be do-able in the first place (and someone with experience in plastics fabrication would probably be in a good position to give advice). It's a shame Joye has not stepped up to the plate by making this kind of accessory, themselves. The short "juice life" in 510 carts remains a drawback...and kind of an ironic one, considering how popular that model is.

I've tried pitching the idea to a few e-cig vendors. The ones I've contacted haven't seemed interested. I can kind of understand that -- there's no information available yet to support any contention that 510 users would want such an accessory. If anyone reading this likes the idea and would want to buy an accessory like that if it became available, I'd appreciate hearing your feedback as well.

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2 comments for “Re 510 carts. Anyone here with plastics-fabrication experience?”

  1. I just want also to know more about plastics fabrication. Hope someone who have lot experience would share his helpful thoughts about the process.

    Posted by Armil of Plastics Fabrication | January 26, 2010, 11:10 pm
  2. Hi, To tool up to mold a different cartridge would be expensive and would have to have a good market to get payback.Can’t see what your problem is, the cart holds over half a mil of e-fluid which is equal to at least 10 cigarettes, so when it is finished plug another one in and grab another battery, batteries, carts atomisers are not expensive. Even if you are a heavy user the cost of getting nicotine by e-cig is normally less than 15% of tobacco, if it is not for you you are paying too much – find a supplier who is not ripping everyone off. Wholesale price for a starter kit (1x atomiser, 2x battery, 1x AC charger and 1x 5 pack of loaded carts to a agent is only about USD $16 – $18 and may even be less to a bulk buyer

    Posted by Mal Seymour | April 11, 2010, 7:33 pm

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