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California to Ban Electronic Cigarettes? Bill Has Already Passed. Take Action Now!

In California a bill which originally sought to “prohibit the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors” has morphed into a complete ban on the sale of Electronic Cigarettes. The bill (SB400) has passed in the senate and is on its way to be signed by Governor Schwarzenegger. Your right to vape is at risk…

Ted Kimball’s Zi Moshi LightVaper

The e-cigarette world is ablaze with the Zi Moshi LightVaper mods which come in a variety of 801 and 901 short and long models and the 901 Magnum which is purported to have the highest vapor output.

Analog Cigarette Taxes too High? Go Electronic!

Just saw a post on Michelle Malkin’s blog about people attempting to quit smoking as part of the Tea Party Protests… since taxes have been increased yet again.
Well for those of you that genuinely enjoy smoking but hate the tax– quit the analogs and go electronic! If you are new to e-cigarettes, we have an [...]

Interview with Paul Bergen: Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe? Setting the Record Straight…

Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe? Paul Bergen of the Alberta School of Health’s Tobacco Harm Reduction project clarifies the WHOs position, addresses the cessation issue and generally sets the record straight on how beneficial and safe E-Cigarettes can be… 

E-Cigarettes Beat the Smoking Ban in Nevada

Nevada’s indoor smoking ban went in to effect early last year and since then bar and tavern owners have been up in arms over it claiming they are losing business.

Now an alternative to the traditional cigarette may allow smokers to get their fix without breaking the law.

Video: Reuters Report on The Electronic Cigarette

A video showing how The Dragon’s Pen can be “smoked”, despite the fact that it produces no smoke!

Electronic Smoking: A Personal Journey

I enjoy smoking… in fact, I really enjoy smoking. It has been unfortunate then that tobacco smoking isn’t the healthiest life choice one could make and turns out to be rather annoying. [...]

The Buyers Guide

The Electronic Cigarette Buyers Guide is off to a great start and as new products debut, an ESM smoker will put them through their paces and write about them here.

The Modern Smoker

Given that the smoking of tobacco is one of the oldest forms of human recreation, it is no wonder why so many are excited by the coming electronic cigarette revolution. There is quite literally millions of smokers worldwide who love to smoke but have to put up with all the negative byproducts of tobacco smoking.
Those [...]