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Electronic Cigarettes (a.k.a E-Cigarettes or E-Cigs) are quite literally the next wave of recreational smoking. While tobacco cigarettes deliver a whole host of carcinogens as they are burned and inhaled, toxicological studies on e-cigs show it to be a much safer means of delivering nicotine while still resembling typical smoking behavior.

E-Cigarettes do not produce tar so your lungs are not polluted, your teeth and fingers will not stain, your clothes and skin will not stink while those around you will not be offended.

Whereas in most developed countries a smoker is required to step outside for a smoke, e-cig smokers can smoke anywhere because the ’second-hand smoke’ contains nothing dangerous to those around you. Being an electronic smoker means not having to leave your friends and loved ones for a smoke, it means you get to enjoy a smoke like you normally would but in a more comfortable location. Not only will you not harm those around you, your walls will not turn yellow and your room or car will not stink.

Imagine having an electronic cigarette and relaxing while traveling on a plane or at the bar without having to leave your seat or your drink. Circumstances like this can be frustrating to the modern tobacco smoker but the e-cig smoker experiences none of these difficulties. The modern tobacco smoker faces a whole host of health problems related to smoking while the e-cig smoker enjoys a much more measured, controlled and safer smoking experience.

Electronic cigarettes are the future of smoking and it is time for all smokers to evolve and leave tobacco with all its dangers and annoyances behind. Electronic cigarettes are the new, safer and more enjoyable way to smoke.

About the Guide

In the interest of remaining as objective as possible, The Electronic Smokers Magazine will never accept payment for favorable reviews.

The electronic cigarette like all modern devices come in a variety, each with various strengths and weaknesses. This guide helps inform the evolved smoker on which devices are the most consistent and deliver the best performance.

Each review will be conducted by a former ‘pack-a-day’ tobacco smoker who evolved to electronic smoking. Therefore each device will be subjected to a daily smokers demands and will be evaluated based on how well they meet the regular smokers needs.